Your Background Check Experts in Arizona

Is your company looking for someone to perform background checks in the Phoenix area? At Desert Private Investigations, we can handle all your pre-employment screening needs.

If your business provides the kind of services that require your employees to be in the homes of customers or driving them around, you especially need to protect yourself. And, even if this isn’t the case, performing background checks on prospective employees helps keep ALL of your employees safe.

Hiring decisions don’t only affect productivity and earnings. They also affect risk, and your ability to manage that risk. Hiring the wrong person, someone with a history of violence or other criminal activity, could be disastrous for your company. The good news is, this kind of risk can usually be avoided.

Desert Private Investigations provides full-service employment screening as your trusted background check experts in Arizona. From statewide and national checks, to DMV history and credit reports, we can provide you with all the information your company needs to make an informed (and risk-free) hiring decision.

Pre-Screen Your Employees

Allow your business to make the right hire every time

Create a safe environment for clients & employees

Save time, money, and frustration

Avoid future lawsuits

Looking for Background Check Experts in Arizona?